Study Comes Out To Prove Vaping Marijuana Is Stronger

In today’s world joints, bongs, blunts, bowls and other forms of smoking just aren’t cool anymore. No, people are going towards the future and using cannabis vape pens.

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Vape pens are discreet, don’t produce the intense smell, and are actually healthier because they don’t pollute users lungs with smoke. But with every pleasure and drug, there is risk to vaping.

According to a study made by the Jama Network Open found that vaping marijuana gets you more intensely high and quicker than just smoking weed. This can mean an array of things for different people such as more physical impairment, higher paranoia and anxiety, or straight up just getting that “too high” feeling, which can make a user very uncomfortable. Of course, this can also mean none of those things and a user just gets enjoyably high.

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The study was conducted using 17 people of whom are infrequent smokers and haven’t consumed any cannabis for the past 30 days. In the experiment the test subjects were instructed to either vape or smoke weed, each with a different amount of THC, once a week, for six weeks.

After the study was concluded the researchers found that the people who used a vape, consuming the same amount of THC, became more physically impaired than their counterparts who had simply smoked the herb.The study showed that when a user vapes weed more cannabinoids are prevalent in the blood stream because fewer are lost because of the lack of combustion from when users smoke weed.

The study was able to conclude what most people who both smoke and vape weed already know, vaping gets you high, like way higher, but that ins’t necessarily a problem. It will just come down to how the individual user handles marijuana and if they are being responsible enough to use it the right way. Because marijuana is becoming more and more legal personal accountability for usage must be put out there because at the end of the day that is who the drug will be affecting, the user.

The study didn’t go in favor for vaping or smoking because it is just personal preference. If someone wants to get high out of their mind off a vape than they should be allowed to. Now after the stud there is no question that vaping is more potent. This just means that people have to use it responsibly just like any other legal.

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Continuing The Trend: Sales Blaze In Massachusetts First Week Of Sales

Marijuana has been legal in Massachusetts for six days now and has already made 2.2 million dollars. Yes really, 2.2 million.

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Massachusetts making this much money from weed this quickly isn’t an accident and it certainly isn’t unique. People love weed, and they will spend their money on it with out a doubt especially in states that it is legal. Data from states that have legalized weed prove that it is an amazing economic decision.

When Colorado legalized marijuana they outdid Massachusetts and sold 5 million dollars worth of the green stuff in their first week of business.

Monthly data shows that marijuana is a huge hit as well. When Marijuana was first legalized in Nevada the state made an insane 27 million dollars in one month. That’s a lot of green, man. That is more than double of the marijuana sales Oregon made in their first month. Oregon made 11 million in their first month of sales.

Legalizing weed makes ridiculous sense from an economic standpoint and Massachusetts findings on their sales further proves that. I mean the state made 2.2 million dollars off just two stores being open. States that have legalized weed are raking in the money from the plant at a crazy rate. Just take a look at this map from Forbes detailing the amount of money each state has made (note: the amount is even greater at this moment because the map is May, 2018).


As this map so amazingly shows, states are making a killing from legal weed. States are making so much profit it is mind boggling why states who haven’t legalized it aren’t hoping on the band wagon.

Marijuana won’t be illegal for long, that much seems true. States should legalize it for a number of reasons but ultimately money is a great way to sway people into doing pretty much anything. If states don’t want to legalize weed for the obvious reasons like it being morally right, its medical benefits and it would help not ruin peoples lives, then they should look at it as a way to make a ton of money for their state.

Not only would states be making a profit from weed they would save money, resources and time fighting the war on marijuana. As we know the government spends around, oh a light, 3.6 billion a year fighting only weed. Imagine what our country, and individual states could do with that money. Plus the money made from sales.

Marijuana will continue to smash expectations in sales and states should jump on the wave before it’s too late. Show me the money, and show me the weed.

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With Sessions Out, What Will Come Of Weed Under New AG

It is no secret that ex Attorney General Jeff Sessions, hates weed. Like really hates weed.

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During his stint as acting Attorney General Sessions was a champion for the anti-marijuana movement. Though he didn’t necessarily accomplish anything to stop or slow the green revolution, and even got his own party mad at him, his anti-marijuana rhetoric and views were powerful. Especially coming from someone in his position.

Sessions famously said that, “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” He argued that it was a gateway drug, and linked it to a reason for America’s growing opioid epidemic. Sessions didn’t stop with just words and rhetoric though. The AG even reversed the Obama-era legislation that stopped federal law enforcement from interfering with legal states marijuana sales. So Sessions did try his damndest to scare and derail the marijuana community, even when they were doing it legally.

This is why it was a great relief  for marijuana enthusiasts to hear of his inevitable firing from the Trump Administration. After his forced exit from his position marijuana stocks rose for companies, and the midterms proved marijuana’s continued legalization is here to stay after three states voted to legalize it.

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With Sessions gone we can only hope whoever is appointed the new Attorney General will be relaxed on weed, and not make it his mission to destroy it as Sessions did. Currently, Sessions chief of staff Matthew Whitaker is the acting AG and that seems like a move that will stick. But how are his views on cannabis? They surely can’t be worse than Sessions.

How Will The New Attorney General Impact The Cannabis Industry?(Courtesy of the US Department Of Justice)

Whitaker most likely won’t be worse than Sessions. He even expressed support for Iowa’s legalization of CBD and recognized it’s medical benefits. However during the same debate he spoke against the Obama era legislation of the federal government not interfering with legal cannabis, though many critics think it was just for the focus of the debate.

All in all, Whitaker likely won’t be as bad and hateful on marijuana as Sessions and has no track record to indicate he will really do anything to halt it. More so than not he will likely pose no impact on the direction cannabis is traveling and instead focus on more important matters. It seems impossible that anyone who will ultimately fill the AG seat could hate weed as much as Sessions so just him being ousted is a major win for cannabis. Whoever Trump finally appoints most likely won’t be a champion of weed, but the fact that they probably won’t make it their mission to wage war on the plant as Sessions did is a major step forward.

Though, with this administration, no matter who gets the AG job the cannabis community should be on their toes ready for anything.


Danksgiving: A Quintessential Guide To Conquer And Survive

Thanksgiving, one of the greatest holidays on Earth is right around the corner In fact just one week away. Just thinking about the savory turkey, the thick mashed potatoes covered in warm creamy gravy, and the scrumptious stuffing is enough to make me feel like I haven’t eaten in days. Everyone has their own tradition on how to go about trying to devour all the food they can, because Thanksgiving is a marathon after all, not a race.

Maybe your go to strategy is to eat in shifts, eat one plate, wait 15 minutes, eat another one and so on and so on. Quite possibly a strategy for some would be to fast not only the day of, but even the day before the important feast. There are many unique ways to get your days worth of food on Thanksgiving but pound-for-pound one of the best methods would have to be infusing cannabis into your pre-meal ritual.

Yeah that’s right, the weed blog guy is telling you to smoke some ganja before taking on the mountain of food before you.

Most people can say that there is a huge relationship between smoking weed and getting a gigantic appetite. It’s one of the most famous staples and joking points for weed. People smoke weed and all of a sudden turn into Shaggy and Scooby Doo devouring anything in sight. So if that is your goal for this Thanksgiving, and who am I kidding of course that’s the goal, maybe intertwining some good kush would help somebody out.

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I decided to sit down and explore the strands of weed that are the best for completing this mission. It was hours and hours of cold-hard research that gave off tons of results. But I narrowed it down to the three best strands to get you in the mood to consume copious amounts of food.

Every one of these strands is guaranteed to make you hungry, science proves it.


Ghost Og may be the best strand to use before a Thanksgiving meal. After consuming the herb you will get a very euphoric body high that will transition into some extreme munchies. Getting a crazy fit of hunger mixed with a euphoric body high just sounds like a full proof combination for taking down all the Thanksgiving food. You’ll be so relaxed and hungry nothing will be able to stop you, not even the inevitable food coma.

Critical Mass

Critical Mass sounds like a perfect marijuana strain for Thanksgiving because after eating you will hope to be at critical mass. It is perfect for the feast because it gives the user a mellow high with an apparent “ravenous appetite.” That sounds like a great combo to me, being mellowed out is a great way to stay focused on the mission at hand: stuffing your face.


This strain has been said to be the perfect “pre-meal ritual.” It is a heavy indica that will help knock you out after you’re done eating your meal. Not to mention it is used for appetite stimulation. Gathering around with friends and using some lavender is an amazing idea to get the most out of your meal. Smoke some and eat and eat, but be weary of the sleep that’s about to come after, you may wake up two days later.

With all the information you just learned form my blog I hope you have the dankest Thanksgiving meal yet. Impress your family and friends by consuming a disgusting amount of food. If you’re not first you’re last so get all the help you can. Smoke that J and get to eating. Happy Holidaze.

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The Green Revolution Is Blazing Hot

November 6th was an important and wild day for politics in America. The Democrats took control of the house, women’s rights were taken away in West Virginia, and a dead brothel owner won a state assembly seat in Nevada (no, seriously, like seriously). With everything that went down it could be easy to forget about marijuana’s gigantic wins in the midterms election.

But this blog is about all things ganja so I will be highlighting the important wins for the green revolution. The big wins will culturally shift our country in the right direction, at least from the standpoint of marijuana, so lets celebrate.

Though more than half of the country (62%) believe in legalizing marijuana it is unfortunately (and ridiculously) federally banned. Because of our governments inaction to do the right thing states have been taking measures into their own hands and legalizing it on their own terms. Now more than half of our countries states have some kind of legal cannabis and after this years midterms the number grew. Which is, pretty, pretty, pretty rad.

Three out of the four states with a type of marijuana legalization on their ballot voted in favor of the green revolution. Missouri and Utah voted to legalize marijuana medically while Michigan voted to straight up legalize recreational pot. North Dakota voted against recreational pot though medical marijuana is legal there and by the looks of voting turnout support for weed is growing in the state.

Even beyond voting for weed our country was able to vote for candidates who support the fight for legalizing it. In Texas congressman Pete Sessions who is anti-weed lost to Democrat Colin Allen. Additionally Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Earl Blumenauer of Oregon won in their races and are pro-legalization.

With all of this happening it is hard for the marijuana community to not be excited over the momentum marijuana has in the country at this time. Things for marijuana are going to continue positively changing and now we have more people in positions of power who will help the cause. The green revolution is happening, it’s growing and more and more people are getting behind it. Full on legalization and the end of marijuana prohibition is on the horizon and it is important to make sure that you’re on the right side of history.

There is still a long way to go but now the cannabis community can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We just have to keep fighting the good fight. Our country is going in the right direction and as long as we continue to support people and states who are fighting for legal weed we’ll be (hopefully, fingers crossed) fully federally legal in no time.

By Dan Walsh

P.S. This has nothing to do with the midterm elections but famous and powerful weed hater Jeff Sessions was fired so that should also be great news for the community.

Can Marijuana Be A Savior For Our Countries Opioid Crisis?

It is absolutely no secret that our country has a vast and damaging opioid crisis with seemingly no resolution. Every year it seems the number or opioids abused as well as deaths increases with little answers on how to turn it around.

Everyday alone, 115 people die from an opioid overdose, which is simply unacceptable for a country as powerful as ours. We should be doing anything and everything to help save a piece of our community ravaged by the disease.

( (If it is hard to tell, the blue line is opioid deaths)

Surprising though, we may be finally doing something about it. Recently, as in yesterday, Columbia University was awarded a grant to study whether or not cannabis (marijuana) can reduce the use of opioids and overdoses from them. The university was rewarded the grant after a study of theirs showed that nearly two-thirds of their patients were able to reduce or stop their opioid use after using marijuana. Though it was just a pilot study the future is bright for the fact that cannabis is finally being looked at as a legitimate alternative and cure to the opioid problem.


Not only did the Columbia University study show value but another study showed that implementing legal cannabis had a 32 percent drop in opioid prescriptions. This just shows that if given the option people will choose marijuana as an alternative to opioids which could possibly save there lives in the long run. This is simply due to the available option to choose marijuana over opioids for medical purposes. When the only option a person has to alleviate pain is opioids they’re left with no other options regardless of how it might affect them.

We know after years of research that cannabis is a viable safer option than opioids when dealing with pain and other medical issues. The lack of physical and psychological addiction should be enough for our country to make major strides in trying to adapt it in to medical practices.

Not only can we look at our own countries success with marijuana, but other countries with legal medical marijuana have shown that they have lower opioid death rates. This cannot simply be a coincidence. And even if it is, shouldn’t we at least try something, anything?

America’s opioid epidemic only gets worse by the year, but with the new grant to Columbia University as well as growing legalization and acceptance across the country marijuana may just be a savior. These people struck with the disease of addiction deserve an alternative to the drugs that are ruining their lives. We as a country need to come together to lend a helping hand instead of casting them aside as junkies. Marijuana can help, that much is true. We just need to hop on the wave and see just what it can do. Because even if it saves just one life, isn’t that worth it?


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National Expungement Week Is Here

National expungement week is underway in America and organizations across the country are helping people with past convictions clear their records. This is a useful opportunity for people with marijuana records, as it is probably easier than ever to get it wiped. The organizations will be trying to help 77 million people get rid of past convictions.

With the current state of marijuana in the country and the sweeping legalization across states it is unfortunate that people are still burdened with past convictions. Prior convictions for marijuana can be very detrimental to peoples lives as it can cause a prevent access to education, employment, housing, among other things. Expungement fairs will be held for people in in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, LA, New Haven, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and many other places. People that have the marijuana conviction hovering over their back should take advantage of this opportunity and help themselves.


California is even making it easier and offering automatic and retroactive cannabis conviction expungement.

Expungement is an important step at putting back together the pieces for people who have been affected by the ludicrous war on drugs. To still be affected for a past cannabis conviction while more than half the country has some type of legal marijuana is just a slap in the face to people who did nothing more than possess the drug. This country should be encouraging everyone with past convictions to go get their records expunged as well as making it as easy as possible. It it simply the right thing to do.



10/17/18 will forever be remembered as Hash Wednesday for our neighbors of the North

Yesterday on the glorious day of 10/17/18 Canada fully legalized weed and thus began a cultural revolution.

(Image via CP: Matthew Macdougall smoke)

The people of Canada are cheering, they’re celebrating, they’re lighting up the reefer in any way, shape or form they know how to kick off recreational legal pot in their great country. They’re doing this while us here in America have to sit back and watch in envy. Thanks a lot Canada.

(Chris Wattie/Reuters)

However, legalizing weed in a country as big, wealthy, and developed as Canada is a win for more than just their citizens. It is a solid, much needed victory for the marijuana community and movement. This isn’t just states legalizing weed, or even a country like Uruguay. No, Canada legalizing the once hated plant is a huge moment in history. From the end of prohibition forth, Canada will be closely watched by other powerful countries solely to see what the repercussions of legalizing the plant will mean for the country, both in a social aspect and and economic one.

There are still some kinks to work out for the legalization but the step in legalizing it is a giant one. The Canadian government will still have to decide the age in which people can use, in some provinces it is 19, in other it is 18 and some are looking to raise the age to 21. People of Canada will be able to grow their own pot, and you will be able to buy it from government dispensaries as well as private ones. The Canadians also condemn driving while high and will treat it as a serious offense. Oh, and us American’s better not think about trying to smuggle the kush out because that will also be treated as a highly illegal crime.

There are many great things about legalization though from an economic standpoint, which is like, a big deal to governments. Economists even believe Canada will have its first major economic boom since the “dot-com mania of the 1990s.” This will all come about from sales, taxes, the money saved from now not having to fight the drug, and oh yeah, tourism. Low income, poverty stricken, down-on-their-luck towns are also rejoicing because legal weed should even help them boom. Canadians are hoping that this will be the second coming of the gold rush, and economists believe it sure as hell can be.


All of the economy buzz aside, I believe one of the greatest aspects of legalizing weed is that it will no longer be used to destroy lives. Now that weed will be legal Canadians no longer have to fear jail, prison or any major repercussions of the law for simply smoking and having the plant on them. And isn’t that the point? Yes people should be able to freely smoke a plant that has almost no negative side affects and is accepted by the medical community, yes it will create an economic boom the likes of which the world most likely hasn’t seen, but the ability to save lives from being thrown into the criminal justice system is the real crown jewel.

Apparently there are about 500,000 people in Canada who have a criminal record pertaining to pot and the government is working to try and grant them amnesty for their offenses and expunge their ridiculous records. No one knows just yet how long it will take for this action to commence but the fact it is even being talked about is a step in the right direction. I mean it would be bullshit to legalize something and still let people be punished for their actions of using it in the past.

Canada, whether they know it or not, has started a revolution of which the world will watch closely. This may just be the first domino to fall in a chain reaction of legalization. If this move by Canada works out (which it most definitely will) then there would be no reason for other countries not to follow suit. So in short, thank you to our brothers of the North, I hope you guys are having a lovely day eating your Tim Hortons, playing with your moose, watching your hockey, and smoking a fat doobie, eh.




Weed Will Be On The Ballot: VOTE YES!

Citizens of America are less than one month away from the November 6th midterms and should start getting familiar with what will be on the ballots. There will be new senators, representatives, mayors, and policies after the election but this blog is only concerned about one voting issue: Mary Jane, Reefer, Pot (you get it).


States such as Utah, Missouri, Oklahoma (medically), North Dakota, and Michigan all have marijuana legalization as a voting option on their ballots. Voters in the states will have to decide whether or not to progress with the times or remain in the delusion that marijuana should be illegal. Missouri and Oklahoma will have voting be on medical marijuana but it is a step in the right direction for the legal marijuana movement. Even though it will not be fully legalized, doing it so medically will still legitimize it and destigmatize it for people who feel uneasy about the plant.

To make it easier for some to see I designed a map to show the states who are voting on medical and recreational marijuana legalization in November.

Voting as we know is one of, if not the most important and impactful tool we have as citizens of the united States. Colorado, Washington, California, Alaska and countless other states are still greatly reaping the benefits of legalizing marijuana. Legalizing marijuana is not only socially right but creates a gigantic boom to local and state economies.

Legalization will also help turn over the incarceration rate in these states because it is wildly known that marijuana offenders make up a ridiculous percentage of prisoners. This would also bring down crime as police departments would be able to focus on more prevalent and important issues than busting marijuana possession. Combating marijuana costs an incredible sum of money so legalization would continue to benefit communities because law enforcement will be able to use money, resources and personnel to again fight more important issues.

Legalizing marijuana is an incredible socially smart initiative and has worked out well for all the states that have done so in some way. Now it is up to us, the voters, to continue the green revolution this November and add five more states to the cause and help make marijuana legal across the country.


123 Pleasant: Where Dreams Are Made

Dive bars are a stable for college students; everyone has their favorite dimly lit, grungy bar that plays live music. I mean come on, they’re fun and you’ll always meet an interesting person in the bathroom at one in the morning.


Morgantown is no stranger to dive bars, they’re everywhere but walking through the doors of 123 Pleasant Street is different. There is almost a beatnik atmosphere that swallows you up as soon as you enter.


(123 pleasant street facebook)


You walk in and immediately see a sprawling dance floor, and then the stage that has been taken over by national artists such as The Magic Beans, Keller Williams, and even the legend that is Creed Bratton.


All of a sudden you feel drawn to the stage you get closer and closer and turn to your left and see a side bar with a giant mural of American hero Harriet Tubman. Amazingly enough 123 Pleasant wasn’t always a bar; back during the 1800’s it was a secret route and safe house for the Underground Railroad. The place is littered with rich and important history and the owners aren’t shying away from it.



But aside from rich and interesting history 123 Pleasant offers an incredible opportunity for local and aspiring artists from all spectrums. 123 offers open mic for comedians, and for poets. The venue even does live music for local rap and indie artists who just want to show the world their craft and passion. It is amazing and refreshing how much 123 does for the amateur art scene and local artists know it.


Ghandiii and TTD Big Poppa are just a few of the local rap artists who take advantage of the venues open mic night and are excited to get the exposure they desire. Even if it isn’t selling out the Coliseum this is a huge step for them. To just be on a stage in front of people who are genuinely supporting the local amateur artists is electrifying and fulfilling for the two rappers who work on their artistry just to do this type of thing everyday.


“For real 123 Pleasant really got these local artist(s) back, they open they stage to all these artists and just let us perform,” said Ghandiii, “I been doing rap since I was, like, 12, and every time I come to open mic night here its all great energy.”


Being there during the open mic night and seeing the crowd go crazy for people they never heard of is truly special. The crowd is actually interested in these artists who they may know nothing about or even ever heard a song, but they come to support them anyways because they may be the next great artists, and everyone wants to be at a legends come up.


“123 open mic was the first time I ever performed my music in front of people, it was real wild,” said TTD Big Poppa, “the crowd was really fucking with it which was great man. What 123 do for local artist, just crazy.”


But again, music isn’t the only genre 123 gives for the artistic community. Poetry, comedy, and even events for painters all roll through 123 Pleasant Street looking to make a name for themselves. It is spectacular what the venue is doing for the local community and if one has a chance one should check out an amateur show. You never know, it could be the next big thing to blow up, all from a little bar down pleasant street.




(123 pleasant facebook)