Weed Will Be On The Ballot: VOTE YES!

Citizens of America are less than one month away from the November 6th midterms and should start getting familiar with what will be on the ballots. There will be new senators, representatives, mayors, and policies after the election but this blog is only concerned about one voting issue: Mary Jane, Reefer, Pot (you get it).


States such as Utah, Missouri, Oklahoma (medically), North Dakota, and Michigan all have marijuana legalization as a voting option on their ballots. Voters in the states will have to decide whether or not to progress with the times or remain in the delusion that marijuana should be illegal. Missouri and Oklahoma will have voting be on medical marijuana but it is a step in the right direction for the legal marijuana movement. Even though it will not be fully legalized, doing it so medically will still legitimize it and destigmatize it for people who feel uneasy about the plant.

To make it easier for some to see I designed a map to show the states who are voting on medical and recreational marijuana legalization in November.

Voting as we know is one of, if not the most important and impactful tool we have as citizens of the united States. Colorado, Washington, California, Alaska and countless other states are still greatly reaping the benefits of legalizing marijuana. Legalizing marijuana is not only socially right but creates a gigantic boom to local and state economies.

Legalization will also help turn over the incarceration rate in these states because it is wildly known that marijuana offenders make up a ridiculous percentage of prisoners. This would also bring down crime as police departments would be able to focus on more prevalent and important issues than busting marijuana possession. Combating marijuana costs an incredible sum of money so legalization would continue to benefit communities because law enforcement will be able to use money, resources and personnel to again fight more important issues.

Legalizing marijuana is an incredible socially smart initiative and has worked out well for all the states that have done so in some way. Now it is up to us, the voters, to continue the green revolution this November and add five more states to the cause and help make marijuana legal across the country.



123 Pleasant: Where Dreams Are Made

Dive bars are a stable for college students; everyone has their favorite dimly lit, grungy bar that plays live music. I mean come on, they’re fun and you’ll always meet an interesting person in the bathroom at one in the morning.


Morgantown is no stranger to dive bars, they’re everywhere but walking through the doors of 123 Pleasant Street is different. There is almost a beatnik atmosphere that swallows you up as soon as you enter.


(123 pleasant street facebook)


You walk in and immediately see a sprawling dance floor, and then the stage that has been taken over by national artists such as The Magic Beans, Keller Williams, and even the legend that is Creed Bratton.


All of a sudden you feel drawn to the stage you get closer and closer and turn to your left and see a side bar with a giant mural of American hero Harriet Tubman. Amazingly enough 123 Pleasant wasn’t always a bar; back during the 1800’s it was a secret route and safe house for the Underground Railroad. The place is littered with rich and important history and the owners aren’t shying away from it.



But aside from rich and interesting history 123 Pleasant offers an incredible opportunity for local and aspiring artists from all spectrums. 123 offers open mic for comedians, and for poets. The venue even does live music for local rap and indie artists who just want to show the world their craft and passion. It is amazing and refreshing how much 123 does for the amateur art scene and local artists know it.


Ghandiii and TTD Big Poppa are just a few of the local rap artists who take advantage of the venues open mic night and are excited to get the exposure they desire. Even if it isn’t selling out the Coliseum this is a huge step for them. To just be on a stage in front of people who are genuinely supporting the local amateur artists is electrifying and fulfilling for the two rappers who work on their artistry just to do this type of thing everyday.


“For real 123 Pleasant really got these local artist(s) back, they open they stage to all these artists and just let us perform,” said Ghandiii, “I been doing rap since I was, like, 12, and every time I come to open mic night here its all great energy.”


Being there during the open mic night and seeing the crowd go crazy for people they never heard of is truly special. The crowd is actually interested in these artists who they may know nothing about or even ever heard a song, but they come to support them anyways because they may be the next great artists, and everyone wants to be at a legends come up.


“123 open mic was the first time I ever performed my music in front of people, it was real wild,” said TTD Big Poppa, “the crowd was really fucking with it which was great man. What 123 do for local artist, just crazy.”


But again, music isn’t the only genre 123 gives for the artistic community. Poetry, comedy, and even events for painters all roll through 123 Pleasant Street looking to make a name for themselves. It is spectacular what the venue is doing for the local community and if one has a chance one should check out an amateur show. You never know, it could be the next big thing to blow up, all from a little bar down pleasant street.




(123 pleasant facebook)

Marijuana arrests are on the rise. Wait what?

Even with the increasing legality and acceptance in the U.S. marijuana arrests across the country are on the rise.

According to a recent FBI crime report police made 659,700 marijuana related arrests last year. This is a mind boggling statistic in its own right but these arrest numbers are actually up from the 653,249 marijuana arrests made the previous year. This is even more insane because marijuana arrests account for around half (HALF) of all drug arrests. In a country with a very serious opioid and other hard drugs problem one would think that law enforcement would turn their backs on a plant that is legal in more than half the country. But no.


What is perhaps most infuriating about these numbers is that 90 percent of the arrests made were from simple possession. Which is essentially just your average non violent person with a joint. These numbers are just a slap in the face and shows a deeper issue with our countries criminal justice system. To be arresting individuals for simple possession of marijuana is simply unacceptable and is a waste of time, resources, and money for police officers especially when there are more pressing issues to attend to. Marijuana arrests are actually so common that it is happening every 48 seconds across our country.

This is just proof that the war on marijuana specifically is still happening. And why should it not? The prison system in America is as messed up as ever and needs all the inmates it can get. Marijuana is an incredibly easy drug to get caught with so why not fill a prison with non-violent people caught with minuscule amounts of pot. It’s much easier to do that than real police work and going after serious drugs. The thing is that prisons are not even being filled with drug dealers, just users, at least according to the stats so what war is actually being fought? A war on stoners?

This is an incredibly infuriating issue for the marijuana community because they are being targeted by law enforcement for crimes that in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter at all. There are far worse crimes going on with far worse drugs being used and sold so for police forces to be arresting marijuana users at record numbers is just plain insane.



The Dopest Job Ever

Taxi driver, logger, coal miner, reporter (yikes), and corrections officer are some of the worst jobs in 2018. For many different reasons from pay to satisfaction these jobs, well, suck. But what does this have to do with weed? Well, though these are some not-so-awesome jobs to have in 2018, this is the year humanity might have found the most amazing job ever.

It turned up in our neighbor of the north, Canada. Recently Canada decided to move progressively and fully legalize weed across their country. On October 17th the new order will go into place so people, companies and organizations have been working hard to get ready.


Stoners across the country are most likely rejoicing over the fact that they can now enjoy their favorite hobby legally. But thanks to one company, it turns out that smoking a ton of weed all the time and knowing your whats-what around the plant can be incredibly lucrative. So much for the lazy stoner stereotype, if you consider yourself an “expert-level connoisseurs” then the AHLOT company in Toronto wants you. Not only does the company want you, it’s willing to pay experts in cannabis 50 dollars an hour (yes, really) to sample and evaluate weed.


The job weed enthusiasts will have to do is actually pretty extensive though, they will really have to test if they know their weed. They will have to use the products and report on the “visual, factory, and tactile examination of samples,” as well as write social media posts, appear in video segments, and attend AHLOT events. This will not be a walk in the park though, as AHLOT is really looking for the best of the best. The company is only looking for six people to take on this task of testing and reporting on marijuana they use. The job application is much more complicated than applying at your local McDonalds. The application asks what a tricome is, what the ideal temperature to vape and evaluate “terpenoid profiles,” and even write why you should be chosen. So now instead of being that lazy, no life-having, stoner person, you can be a certified scientist of marijuana testing.

This job will continue to legitimize marijuana and it’s community as marijuana legalization sweeps across Canada, there have been food critics, movie critics, booze critics and now, weed critics. These people will do a good job in making sure the strains given out to people are safe, and not too over absorbing, as well is all around likeable. Soon the average stoner can step out of the counter culture role they’ve been in an contribute to the greater good of society. Yeah, that’ll show the people who said they weren’t successful.



Namaste: the Aura of Ganja Yoga

Yoga, it’s a wildly known an successful practice with ties to spirituality, mental health, and relaxation. People from across the world and many walks of life attest to its benefits from men and women, to people old and young, yoga is a smash hit. It is a way to clear your mind from the clutter of everyday stress and worry and can be a very rewarding experience to people who practice it. Simply put, yoga is pretty, pretty awesome.

Now replace the word yoga in the paragraph above with ‘weed’ and every word will still hold its truth. Because of their similar nature it was only a matter of time until some genius decided to combine the two. Ganja yoga is on the rise (even though its been a thing for thousands of years) across the country because of the increasing legality of the plant. Now that 31 states have it legal in some way some yoga studios are getting with the times and having marijuana infused yoga.

People who have tried marijuana infused yoga have nothing but good things to say about it. Marijuana is said to enhance the focus on the mind and body which is the main point of yoga. Marijuana helps the yogi become more present while in meditation which only makes the experience more successful. It may not be for everyone, as nothing besides oxygen and water are, but if you are someone who enjoys both, well, schedule a class. Smoke a joint, get high, breathe, and come to know yourself through yoga.

(Courtesy of thirdmonk.com)



Another person gets added to the already extensive list of celebrity stoners

Hollywood is full of interesting people with strange and wild habits. There are artists, alcoholics, coke heads, womanizers, Voodists, Scientologists, and of course, stoners. The list of hollywood weed enthusiasts is extensive and could probably fill a whole book. Names get added seemingly everyday so when it came out that the Frozen star Kristen Bell smokes weed it shouldn’t have been a huge deal. Unfortunately her drug of choice is weed, so there had to be some kind of controversy.

It’s simple really, Bells husband Dax Shepherd has been clean and sober from substances for 14 years. So people who don’t know or understand their relationship got up in arms about her saying that she vapes weed around him. Everybody’s favorite social media site, twitter, had a field day tearing her apart for something that both of them are okay with.

Bells husband Dax Shepherd has been open about his sobriety and the love of his wife so he came to her defense when finding out people really cared that she was doing this around him. Shepherd said, “That would be like a diabetic expecting their partner to never eat dessert. Get real!”

Shepherd offered a great analogy of support for his wife’s use of weed around him. People were attacking her saying that since he is sober she should respect that and not smoke around him which is insane because they are still both their own people. They shouldn’t have to police each other as much as the internet would like them to. If Dax is okay with it, then everyone should cool down and realize there are much bigger problems to be worried about. It seems like both of them are comfortable with themselves as well as their relationship and Bell using a harmless drug around Dax isn’t going to be the end of their world.

This is just another instance of twitter and the internet universe blowing up a situation in which the people involved in it are fine with.

(From Pagesix.com)


CBD infused drinks look to be on the rise thanks to one major company

The Coca-Cola Company is one of, if not thee, biggest beverage producer in the world. Seriously, everyone knows the iconic Coke logo, and the drinks they provide. Coke also produces known drinks like Hi-C, Powerade, Dasani water, and many more. Now, Coca-Cola didn’t get to where it is by playing safe and being conservative with their beverages and it looks like the company will be ahead of the curve in the present day.

(Courtesy of Coca-Cola’s facebook page)

Coca-Cola is reportedly in talks with the Aurora Cannabis company to create a CBD infused recovery drink. CBD is a sister chemical to THC, and is in marijuana. CBD is non-psychoactive but gives the same relief as marijuana.This means that a user of CBD will not experience the “high” that marijuana users do. Coca-Cola and Aurora Cannabis are only in the early stages of their talks but this would be a huge win for the marijuana.

For a globally known company with as much influence as Coke to take interest in marijuana would help destigmatize the drug that doesn’t deserve its bad reputation. Though it isn’t completely adopting marijuana the move is progressive enough for the legal weed movement. Coca-Cola will be a gateway company to explode in the marijuana market. This is of course a smart business decision by coke but for marijuana culture it is much more valuable than meer money. This move will help legitimize marijuana in the public’s eye which will be incredibly refreshing.

The K2/Spice Epidemic

By now in the year of our lord 2018 most people understand what marijuana is and what it can do. Weeds influence is in the media, in music, movies, television, culture in general and now can be bought legally in stores. People are becoming much more relaxed about the drug that in years prior was still being demonized. Now, marijuana is booming, and the green revolution is happening. Marijuana is being used recreationally to have fun and relax as well as being used in medicine to treat pain, cancer, headaches, PTSD, depression and many more issues. Aside from it now being fully legal, there seems to be nothing wrong with it.


But this is America, and capitalism will wrap it’s strong grip around anything it can. Where there is a natural substance we will create a synthetic one. This is the case with weeds greatest imposter, K2. It has many names, K2, spice, black mamba, and the best, sexy monkey.

K2 wants to mirror weed but what it is, is a horrible imitation of one of the most laid back drugs on the planet. Essentially K2 isn’t weed at all, whoever got away with saying it’s supposed to be synthetic weed should lose everything. K2 is synthetically made chemicals that are supposed to give the user the same effect as smoking weed, except it is simply sprayed onto some herbs that can be smoked. K2 is horrible and in no way imitates the ‘high’ that you get from weed, it is in fact, much more dangerous. Also it doesn’t even look like weed, it looks like trail mix, or the worst possible weed you could get in the 60’s.

Spice is incredibly dangerous, people over dose from it all the time, and can even die from smoking the fake weed. Spice actually has a death toll, unlike marijuana that does not. Just this week a bad spice outbreak in D.C. led to a staggering 244 over doses from the drug. That might just be more than anyone who’s been hurt by weed in it’s existence.

The worst thing about the synthetic fake weed is that there is no way to tell the dosage of synthetic cannabinoids or even what exactly is in them. Spice is usually made up of synthetic substances that are sprayed on try herbs and sold with a pitch that it will mimic weed. This is obviously not true. Linking this drug to weed is incredibly deceiving and even damning to real weed. This is like caffeine being compared to crack, there shouldn’t be one.

Spice is illegal in the U.S. but scientists and makers are getting around it and using loopholes to continue to get it on the streets. They simply twist the chemical makeup so that it will pass regulation. So the bottom line is ignore the spice and keep puffing on some all natural kush.


Elon Musk, Marijuana, and society’s dumbest double standard

Everybody knows who Elon Musk is. If you don’t, what are you doing with your life? He’s one of the greatest minds of our generation and continues to hopefully push us into the technological future. From Tesla to Space X and wanting to go to mars it is clear the man is a incredibly productive and motivated genius. Neil DeGrasse Tyson (another genius) even put in his two cents by comparing Musk to likes of Thomas Edison. Ever heard of him?

(MarketWatch photo illustration/Getty Images, The Boring Company, iStockphoto)

With all this being true of Elon it took one action for people to tear him to shreds over the weekend. His credibility was called into question, Tesla’s stock dropped almost 10 percent, and Tesla’s chief account and human resource officers resigned as well. So this has been a pretty bad week for Elon. One would think he did something really stupid such as drive his car into a river intoxicated. But that isn’t what landed him in trouble, no, all it took was a 3 hour podcast with Joe Rogan. That, and some marijuana.

Yes, really, smoking weed with Joe Rogan was the cause of this rocky week for Elon. Musk appeared on Rogans podcast and had a conversation you’d expect only these two people to have. There were talks about what will make the world a better place (Musk said love) and how AI will soon control our world, how delightful. Then somewhere down the line Joe Rogan does what Joe Rogan does. He casually took out a blunt and started smoking it. It was badass, man. So Elon and all his geek glory pondered the blunt and even looked like he was analyzing it, calculating the risks.

Then it happened.

Elon Musk took the blunt from Joe Rogan, asked if it was legal in the state he was in (it is) and took one hit of the blunt that resembled how a kid who first starts smoking would do it. That was it. He didn’t spew out controversial garbage, get so high he had a panic attack or anything terrible at all. He carried on his conversation and was fine. In the rest of his interview Rogan notes how his phone is blowing up and Musk says people are mad at him.

People were really reacting to Elon Musk smoking legal weed as if it was world ending. This is in 2018 were weed isn’t supposed to be this taboo and is legal in places across the country. Look, I get that Musk is the CEO of a public corporation and shouldn’t necessarily get to do whatever he wants. There can be some stipulations. But this is weed, a relatively harmless drug being used by two responsible wildly successful adults legally. Musk was on the podcast drinking some whiskey and no one batted an eye. Obviously we know alcohol is incredibly more harmful to people than weed so why the double standard?

This is an instance where our society needs to grow. Marijuana will never escape its hovering dark cloud if we continue to let things like what happened to Musk persist. People should no longer be condemned harshly for using marijuana. This is one of the main reasons legalizing and accepting weed is so tough for our country. Because when something like this happens we still blow it out of proportion like we’re back living in the height of weeds prohibition.

Elon Musk, one of the greatest minds of our generation smoked weed, Michael Phelps one of the greatest athletes ever smokes weed, Seth Rogen, J. Cole, Stephen King, Carl Sagan and countless other immensely successful and world changing individuals have smoked weed. The stigma that unsuccessful lazy people smoke weed simply isn’t accurate anymore, and people shouldn’t be crucified for using it. It is ridiculous and dangerous to continue on this stigma for weed. If it continues on we will never grow and reap the benefits of this plant. This can be a learning point for us in that we can correct this mistake on Musk moving forward. Instead of freaking out about someone in an important position smoking weed how about we just leave them alone and let them live their lives. Just as we do with any action that is legal and personal.